Saturday, May 10, 2008


What do you do with soup? The answer may depend on where and when you're from, I suppose.

"I'm going to eat my soup."

"I'm going to drink my soup."

BOTH of these sound a little strange to me, and not quite right. I suppose the first sounds less awkward to me, though, so that's the one I would probably say. But neither of them sound all that great, and I think I'd be most likely to just say "I'm going to have my soup."

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Tony said...

I'd say "eat" or "have" but never "drink" unless it's a broth I'm having out of a mug.

I studied Japanese in college and learned that in Japanese you must use the word for "drink" for soups. But then in Japan, you do drink your soup: you pick up the bowl and drink the broth. I wonder what they say for stews?